6 crafty kids’ costumes you can make with a cardboard box

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When the kids and I start talking Halloween costumes each year, I remind them of two things.

1.) I like to think of myself as crafty, but I don’t actually have a lot of crafty skills like sewing, or woodworking, or painting well. I’m a good faker. I like to look at things other people have done and try to figure out how to do it more easily. A costume hacker? I think I’m a costume hacker.

2.) I’m cheap. I’m a cheapskate. I don’t want to pay a lot for Halloween costumes.

So cardboard box costumes are my jam, y’all.



6 crafty kids costumes you can make from a cardboard box

I actually had to make that Steve box head twice because we loaded it into the back of the car after the school Halloween parade, and it promptly fell out, unnoticed and never to be seen again. And my poor boy was so distraught that I made another one.

6 crafty kids costumes you can make from a cardboard box

That is my instagram shot from last year and I will not tell you how much wine was left by the end (#Halloweenessentials #dontjudgeme). But the point is — it was simple enough to make that I did two.

Here are a few more excellent ideas for simple, inexpensive Halloween costumes that use cardboard boxes.

An awesome Rubix cube costume from Mitzi at Written Reality — I love this! You could make it a little easier and do a straight-up box, but the twisty parts are extra cool.

Steve from Minecraft only takes one box and a blue shirt (and some foam core if you want to make a sword and pickax). I made this costume last year following this tutorial from Kerry Ann Morgan.

Ana at Mommy’s Bundle did a Frankenstein mask. Great for kids who might not want a whole bulky cardboard costume.

I can’t paint…or draw…or sew…very well but I can duct tape the heck outta stuff. The Lego minifig costume I made a few years ago is mostly duct taped, with a painted yellow head. I got the idea here but I skipped the complicated styrofoam parts and just made him a little less rounded. You do what you can, you know?

Maggy at Red Ted Art made this great costume for her Box Trolls-obsessed child. Cute, quick, and easy to make!

This Mater costume might be my favorite of all the ones I’ve made! It takes a wee bit of time, but it doesn’t require any particular skill and my kids loved it. I wrote up a tutorial here for how to make your own Mater.

Do you make your kids’ costumes? Any tips to keep it simple and stress-free?

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