9 families who nailed their Halloween costumes

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I have so many thoughts for my kids’ Halloween costumes.

Since there are four of them, I have all kinds of ideas for group costumes — Goldilocks and the three bears. The three little pigs and the big, bad wolf. The four kids from the Chronicles of Narnia. And usually my kids shut me down. They all want to be different things.

But one year — one year they all humored me, along with my husband. Especially my husband. He gets teased at work all the time for looking like Gru from Despicable Me, so one year…we had to.


He was a very good sport about it (sidenote: Will no one stand still long enough for me to take one stinking picture? Apparently not.)

So. To inspire you this year, here are a few more families seriously rocking their group costumes. And since I’m not a sew-er or a complicated costume maker, most of these are ones that can be made pretty easily. You still have time!

The Girl Scout leader in me loves this, and the wagon is genius for tired little trick-or-treaters. Adorable s’mores from the Smittcamp family.

You could do The Flintstones with very little (or no!) sewing. Use a combination of normal clothes and felt, which you can just cut and glue together. Fake it, my friends.

 Pulling Curls has a whole host of family costumes to check out. And I’ve wanted to be Wonder Woman since I was five. I think this might be my year.

Timely. And I’d wear that shirt all year. The dragon costumes were purchased, in this case, and well worth it, I think. A great idea from Baby Birds Farm.

You know what I love most about the Clarks Condensed family pumpkin patch? When you have a newborn, you can’t be putting uncomfortable costumes on them. She uses normal infant pajamas or a bodysuit and a little hat (and as mama to a new baby, you probably don’t want big, complicated costumes either!)

Jolly and Happy featured the Inside Out crew one year. So cute!

I love this family and I love this costume! The Housewife Hellraiser’s family as KISS kids…(see all that snow behind them? That’s Halloween in Colorado for you)

I love Sara’s bug costumes — their family does theme costumes every year and I might already be stalking her Facebook page for this Halloween. Slacker mom tip: If you can’t sew the cape or bee costumes, try solid color yellow and red shirts with black fabric paint, or even duct tape cut into stripes and dots. Trust me, it works.

My minions. I knit these hats, but you can find minion snow hats easily, and then you not only have your costumes, but your hats for the winter as well.

Have you ever done family costumes? I’d love to hear your ideas! 

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