Cheer up with colorful paper flowers for spring

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Laura Falin

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This is the time of year I start getting antsy. I’m ready for some flowers and green and I’m done with the sad brown grass that is wilting and dying like my soul.

But we still have a few months here, and I must find my colorful flower fix elsewhere. Fortunately, the kids and I can create our own pretty easily. I have a packet of scrapbook paper I bought, like, two years ago, and I pull it out every so often for projects. This one is perfect for it!

We made two different kinds of flowers, but both of them used this template. Nothing fancy. You could probably freehand the same thing yourself, but if you want, you can print mine out to use as a guide.

The first flower we made was the easiest. My kindergartner was able to make her own, and had a lot of fun trying different colors and patterns for her flowers.



  • 4 pieces of scrapbook paper in different patterns
  • template
  • pen (for tracing)
  • scissors
  • glue


Cut out 5 of each of the 3 petal sizes and 1 circle for the middle. Lay the large petals so that their ends are slightly overlapping and glue in place. Lay the middle sized petals in between the larger ones and glue. Then place the smaller petals and glue them as well. Finish by gluing your circle in the middle. Let dry.

I also made this flower, but I used a hot glue gun so it’s not really suitable for smaller kids to attempt. Begin by cutting 10 of the middle sized petals out, and one large circle for the middle.

Take one petal and pinch at the end. Put a dot of glue so it keeps its shape.

When you have all 10 petals glued, glue the sides of each paper flower to each other like this.

So now you have that yucky, ugly middle part left when you’re finished. And of course we do the only sensible thing now and hide it by gluing a giant circle over the top.

That’s it! We glued our flowers to papers for cards, but you could also attach them to popsicle sticks or pipe cleaners to make a little bouquet.


What do you do to fight off the winter blues? 

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